Living the Dream
We started Getaway to be the first ever startup that helps you get out of the city.  By doing our best to provide you with everything you need to disconnect and recharge, our goal is to help you hike your way back to balance.

Meet The Team

We're campers, designers, and do-ers. We're adventurous souls who believe there's unmeasurable wealth that comes with taking a break from your daily routine.

Special Thanks to:

  • Wyatt Komarin for obsessing over little things that really matter
  • Pranam Lipinski for sharing his quiet hustle
  • Emily Margulies for her incredible attention to detail
  • Addison Godine for being a human Swiss Army knife
  • Phillips Bosshart for bringing the beauty of nature into the internet
  • Patrick Mulroy for not suing us over that stapled thumb, and for the bluegrass
  • Junior Lissade for commuting far too far
  • John Staff for being a good builder and a great dad
  • Sean Sullivan for being as solid a person as your craftsmanship