Thanks so much

...for being a guest of Getaway!  Look out for your confirmation email and get in touch with any questions about your stay or if there is anything we can do for you;  we're standing by to help you disconnect + recharge.


Your wooded refuge awaits!  Reaching your Getaway cabin should be a breeze with these tips from our team:

  • Traveling by car:  You're headed to a quiet spot in Southern NH!  Driving time to your tiny house in the woods is less than two hours from Boston without traffic. We'll be sending over exact location details along with your check-in information one week prior to your stay.

  • Traveling by bus:  The nearest stop on Concord Coach is 30 Stickney Avenue in Concord, NH. From there, a trip with Main Street Taxi (603-226-8888) or D&B Taxi Service (603 415-1150) should be $25-40. Because it is a rural area, we recommend calling in advance to schedule pickup and drop off in advance so you can begin your city escape right away!


  • Fresh linens and shower essentials are waiting on the inside, but the outside is rustic: remember that you are staying in the woods and should use caution at all times. Mind the weather and do not disturb wildlife. If you wish to bring soap from home, be sure it's biodegradable.
  • We use electric toilets in all of our houses. Admire the space age foil, then use as you would a normal toilet. Press the black button to flush. You'll have 15 flushes at the ready, but you can always call if you need a cartridge refill.
  • Embrace the wilderness: our tiny houses are equipped with fans and screened in windows for that summer breeze, plus heat for use during colder months. Please be mindful of energy consumption and avoid using high-draw appliances such as hair dryers or coffee makers.

Getting Help

We’re standing by: get in touch at or (617) 914-0021.  But we hope you don't need to look at your phone at all during your Getaway! Relax and recharge: we challenge you to lock away screens for a full twelve hours.