Ready to Recharge?

Getaway from your daily grind and give way to new adventures.  We've planted seven Getaway cabins in the woods outside of New York, just far enough away to getaway and just close enough to make a quick recharge easy.  Come enjoy a tiny house in beautiful upstate New York. 

The Pine Lodge

Perfect for group vacations, family stays, and breaking up your routine.  Sleeps up to four with modern amenities.  Expect lazy mornings, inspiring surroundings, and ease of accessibility.

Photo by Ball & Albanese

Photo by Ball & Albanese

The Nature Studio

Perfect for group retreats, spontaneous city escapes, and getting off the grid.  Sleeps up to three with modern amenities.  Expect lush woods, cozy interiors, and stargazing nights.

The artist's escape

Perfect for couples, writers' retreats, and "me" time.   Sleeps two with modern amenities.  Expect bursts of creativity, walks in the woods, and mindful moments.

Photo by Ball & Albanese

The Getaway mini

Perfect for short visits, last minute trips, and solo stays. Sleeps two with limited amenities. Expect calming days and cozy nights.

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