The Getaway Experience
Getaway designs beautiful tiny houses, places them in the woods and rents them out by the night to stressed out city dwellers looking to disconnect and recharge.  We believe in an end-to-end wellness experience, beginning with our brand presence.  With a little imagination and beautifully designed content that radiates the ideal guest experience, a "getaway" should never be more than a click away.

The Fellowships

The Getaway Artists’ Fellowships aim to provide a taste of the Getaway experience through sharing digital art related to Getaway, tiny houses and nature via digital mediums.  In addition to providing a slice of serenity to those who view the content created through the Fellowships, our goal is to support artists by exposing their work to a widespread audience with ample credit given and a proper celebration of their talent.

What artists get:

  • Distribution of their work through Getaway-owned media channels
  • Inclusion of their work in Getaway print materials
  • Potential major distribution of their work through Getaway press, with a requirement that the photo/videographer be credited for their work in any publication  
  • A profile about them and their work on the Getaway Artists’ Fellowships section of the Getaway website
  • Artists retain copyright
What Getaway gets:

  • High quality visual content that reflects the artists' take on the authentic Getaway experience and overarching mission
  • License to use content in any/all Getaway promotional materials
  • Timely correspondence with the artist in order to schedule their future stay
  • Fresh, edited media within a week of the artists' stay
  • Shared post(s) about Getaway on artist's own social media channels

We're looking for up-and-coming artists who are interested in greater exposure for their work. Most importantly, Getaway’s mission should resonate with the artists.  We encourage all Getaway artists to use their creative judgement in creating content, but all content should aim to highlight the Getaway experience and be of high professional standards. Getaway has the right to not use any or all content provided by Artist Fellows.

  • Photo: at least 20 professionally shot, composed and edited photos OR  
  • Video: at least one 30+ second clip highlighting the Getaway experience OR
  • Other Artwork: as proposed, including (but not limited to) painting, graphic design, writing, music
To Apply:

Get in touch at with the following:

Previous Artist Fellows

Alexandra Roberts

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