I view Getaway as the anti-vacation. Vacations are costly, eat up time traveling there and back, and start with an agenda the moment you finally settle in. And once a vacation ends, you schlep home and wait another year for the chance to do it again. Getaway is purposefully the opposite: affordable, a short distance away, and designed for you to be able to pop in and out whenever you feel you need to exit your daily routine, disconnect and recharge.

We had a party this week to to celebrate the many people who have contributed to making this anti-vacation a reality… carpenters, designers, investors, friends, early customers and partners, among others. The remarkable thing about the party was that, in a way, it captured this idea of instant escape. I think at one point there were 25+ people quite literally sprawled out in our newest house, Clara, looking down on Zack Slik playing bluegrass through the giant window. Team members’ parents played cornhole with our investors. Professors topped up beer glasses. As I took a step back, it seemed like we’d created a bit of diversion from everyone’s routines. And diversion is a worthy creation.

Thanks to Boloco, Aeronaut, and everyone who got us this far! Honestly, this is the funnest thing I’ve ever worked on and it’s a joy to be surrounded by such cool people.