The Getaway team spent a few weeks debating how we should name our tiny houses.  Of course, “Walden” and “Thoreau” came up, but that didn’t quire fit: a Getaway is a short term escape. (Even more, some folks allege Henry David Thoreau would leave his Walden cabin to visit town – and his mother! – daily.)  Others thought natural words might work, like “Sapling” or “Willow.” But even though Getaway houses might be in nature, the amenities themselves aren’t rustic.  We designed the cabins to be clean, comfy, and modern.  And a final proposal to mix military barracks and National Park names – “Fort Yosemite” “Camp Shenandoah” – wasn’t gonna do.
We kept pondering who we are: Getaway houses are a warm respite from daily life… they are places you don’t live in, but feel at home in… they are over the river and through the woods… and then it hit us: Getaway houses are like grandparents’ houses.  It was perfect: we’ve since named all our tiny houses after grandparents or grandparent-like figures in our lives.
Our first tiny house, the Ovida, was named for a grandmotherly-figure in team member Sarah Ruehlow’s life; a loving woman who cared for others as if they were her own children. The second, the Lorraine, was named after our CEO’s grandmother;  a fiercely independent woman one wanted to make proud.
We are building our third tiny house now, and are ready to give the frame a name – but this time, we want you to help us pick out a name!  We had the rest of the team throw their grandparents’ names into the hat and, now, we would love for you to vote on your favorite name for our third house.  Use the poll below, or vote on Facebook here


Thanks for voting!  We hope you can make it over the river and through the woods to a Getaway house in the near future.