As we launch Getaway, we wanted to share the more personal roots of this project.

The first true motivation was that working with software startups had left a “real project”-sized hole in our hearts. From there, we dedicated ourselves to building tiny houses in the woods.  And for a few reasons:

1. Belief in the tiny house movement

The tiny house movement embodies all of the values we believe in:

  • Thoughtfulness: to be more thoughtful about what we own
  • Craftsmanship: to make things well, rather than make them big
  • Relief: to provide a home to those in need
  • Access: to empower people with the ability to live in the city they’d like to call home
  • Ownership: to enable millenials to experience the pride and the benefit of owning their own home
  • Experience: to spend more time out of our houses and in the world

2. The need to escape
We’re not luddites or hermits, but the roar of the city combined with constant technological ping-pinging has us worn out. We’ve tried our best to disconnect in real time, but personal experience testifies that to be somewhere under actual stars, somewhere completely quiet except for the crackling of the fire, is the real way to rebalance oneself.

3. To bridge the urban rural divide
We come from the city and we come from the country. Too often we label each other as city people or country folks, with derogatory adjectives to boot. Our generation has the unique ability to break down that cultural divide. With the rise of freelancing, remote work, and flexible work policies, many of us can spend more time on our own terms. Why should we permanently tether ourselves to one place? Let’s build a bridge between the paved road and dirt path, together.

Thanks for joining us on this journey,

The Getaway Team

Jon, Pete, Rachel, Wyatt, Addison, Pranam, Patrick,  Jon, Sarah & Junior